GIN 25ml

Hendrick’s – tonic, cucumber, mint, and lime. 6.60

Gordon’s – tonic, ice, and lemon. 6.00

Warner’s Rhubarb Gin – with English tonic, rosemary, and lime. 6.60

Opihr – a spicy Gin served with Tonic, lemon, and chilli.   6.60

Whitley Neill Raspberry – English tonic, lemon, and raspberry. 6.60

Whitley Neill Parma Violet – a sipping Gin,

and tonic 6.60


Belvedere – Vodka (Poland). 4.00

Absolut – Vodka (Sweden). 4.00

Salted Caramel English Vodka – 4.00

Malibu – 3.50

Wood’s Dark Rum – 3.50

Bacardi – 3.50

Jose Cuervo Especial – Tequila. 4.00

Pimms and lemonade (50 ml) 7.95


Hennessy – Cognac.4.50

Dalwhinnie – Whiskey.4.50

Jack Daniel’s – Bourbon. 4.00

Jim Beam – Bourbon. 4.00


Baileys – 3.50       

Tia Maria – 3.50

Kahlúa – 3.50            

Grand Marnier – 3.50          

Limoncello – 3.50

Harveys – Bristol Cream (50ml) 4.50

Windsor – Ruby Port (50ml) 5.50

Ameretto 4.00


London Pride – 4.95

Doom Bar – 4.95

Pit Stop/Chequered Flag – 4.95

Peroni – 4.50

Budweiser – 3.75      

Sol – 4.00

Thatchers – 4.50


Pimms Sprizer

(Double pimms, prosecco, and a dash of soda) 9.50

Elderflower gin fizz.

(elderflower, gin, toped up with prosecco)9.50

Aperol spritzer(double Aperol, prosecco with a dash of soda) 9.50

Mojito Bacardi, lime juice, mint, sugar, and soda 9.50

Espresso Martini Kahlua, espresso, vodka 9.50

Strawberry Daiquiri White rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, and strawberry puree 9.50

Pina colada White rum, Malibu, pineapple juice and cream 9.50


Pinot Grigio                                                                                     

Poesie (Italy) – Delicately spicy being dry and steely with an intense bouquet.

Glass 5.50/6.50/7.50 Bottle 19.95


Crisp, light and refreshing

Glass 6.90/6.7.50/8.00 Bottle 29.50

Sauvignon Blanc

Neptune Point (New Zealand) – Fruity and aromatic wine with notes of citrus, gooseberry and a subtle vanilla touch, tropical fruits a plenty!

Glass 5.50/6.50/7.75 Bottle 21.95


Pierre Lacasse (France) – Full and rich palate of custard apple with a hint of lemon zest, finishing off dry and soft.

Glass 5.50/6.50/7.50 Bottle 19.95


Pinot Grigio Blush

(Italy) – Strawberries and cream on the nose and palate -off dry - easy drinking, clean and refreshing.

Glass 5.50/6.50/7.50 Bottle 19.95


Don Paulino Crianza Rioja

(Spain) – Fruit aromas with an underlying subtle scent of oak, smooth on the palate, leaving notes of fruity tannins and toasted sugar and vanilla.

Glass 6.00/ 6.50 / 7.95          Bottle 23.50


Pinot Noir (Rothchild)

Glass 6.90/7.50/8.00 Bottle 29.50

Rio Roca Merlot

(Chile) – Ruby red, velvety easy drinking, very fruity nose with a lingering smooth after taste.

Glass 6.25/6.75/7.95 Bottle 23.50

Thomson Estate Old Pumphouse Shiraz

(Australia) – Aromas of cocoa and vanilla, very rich in style, herbal notes with a bright cranberry finish.

Glass 5.50/6.25/7.75 Bottle 21.50



A prosecco, delicate, bursting with fruit andefference with a crisp and fruity bouquet - delightful!

Glass 7.50                  Bottle 27.50


Veuve Clique NV - Ample body and fruit with a splendid character, truly complex and exquisite –a true classic!

Bottle Only 65.00

Jules Feraud – House Champagne 50.00 Half Bottle 30.00 Glass 9.50

A stylish Champagne rich in flavour, a fruity palate, a balanced dry character with tiny bubbles.





Slightly sparkling Lemon and mint 3.90

Juice (Orange/Cloudy apple) 3.90

Big Tom 4.90

Sprite/Coke/Diet Coke/Fanta 3.90

Pink Lemonade 3.90

Ginger beer 3.90

Ginger ale 3.50

Rose Lemonade 3.90

Milkshake 5.50

Mixer 2.90

Iced Coffee 3.20

Still or Sparkling Water 3.00


Americano – Single/Double shot. 2.90/3.20

Cappuccino 3.20

Espresso – Single/Double shot. 2.90/3.20

Flat White –Double shot. 3.40

Latte 3.20

Mocha 3.90

Hot chocolate 3.90

Lemon Presse (Hot) 2.50


All Tea 2.50

English Breakfast

 Earl Grey

 French Earl Grey

 Lemongrass and Ginger

 Gorgeous Geisha


Crème brulee


 Green Rose


 Packs a peach

 Pumping Pomegranate


All the above. Served on Ice with fresh mint and lemon and a sugar stick. 3.50










AFTERNOON TEA 2pm-4pm Friday and Saturday

 Afternoon Tea 29.50 per person

 Afternoon Tea with Prosecco 35.50 per person

 Afternoon Tea with Champagne 39.50per person

Gluten free and Vegan Afternoon Tea 39.50

Please Note Afternoon Tea parties are available any day with a minimum of 10 guests

Book by 11am on the day of arrival

Please note gluten free and vegan afternoon tea require 24 hours notice